Pregnancy Breakouts: Find Solutions at an Acne and Skin Care Clinic

Just when you thought you’d outgrown the acne that plagued you when you were a teen, it decides to make an appearance—one last hurrah during your pregnancy. You might have heard that pregnant women get that “glow” but unfortunately, not everyone is so lucky. Don’t just chalk up an acne breakout to the hormones and wait for it to run its course as that could have a negative effect on you, particularly your self-esteem, after you give birth. Consult an expert from an acne and skin care clinic like The Healing Station in Folsom, CA as early as possible.

Don’t Wait Too Long
Acne during pregnancy is essentially the same as any case of adult acne. The only difference is that pregnancy hormones could significantly increase the production of oil in the skin, which could mean more acne for you. According to the Academy of American Dermatology, waiting too long to seek treatment runs the risk of you developing dark spots and scars.


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